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This is a popular structured product, but rather difficult to understand. Do you know how they work? If not this simple explanation shows you the benefits and risks of autocallables.

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Private Equity

Sometimes companies need a makeover too. Find out how private equity firms can turn around the fortunes of companies that are starting to lag behind their competitors.

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Cross-Currency Basis Swaps

In an attempt to stem a global banking crisis several central banks have used basis swaps to provide dollar funding for European financial institutions. Explore the financial alchemy by which these instruments transform a European bank’s euro funding into scarce dollar funding.

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Sometimes bond issuers want to raise capital in foreign countries. Learn to tell your Dim Sum bond from your Bulldog bond.

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Callable and Puttable bonds

Issuers may want to re-finance their debt if the level of interest rates falls. Learn how options can be built into bonds to make this possible.

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Contingent Convertibles (CoCo bonds)

This type of bond is popular with regulators because it converts into equity just as a company’s capital ratio drops below a threshold. Click on the link to learn more about “programmed de-leveraging”.

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